pascucci teixeira business valuation serviceBusiness Advisory – Our intimate knowledge of you finances provides us with the opportunity to guide you when planning important business decisions. We can help you design an accounting system capable of providing you with financial information necessary for effective management. Our financial analysis capabilities will assist you in determining the strong and weak points of your business’ operations. Your business is an organic operation that include multiple phases. The phases include the beginning, growth, maturation, and, finally, succession. We can guide you along the way or with any individual phase. We are QuickBooks Advisors. We can assist you in QuickBooks installation, set-up, and operation. With our help, you will be able to obtain important information about your business’ finances.


Business Valuation – Privately held business valuation cannot be determined by looking to public security markets such as stock exchanges. Instead a valuator must look to the subject business’ characteristics the determine value. The valuation process is not an exact science. The process requires application of income, cost and market approaches, alone or in combination, to estimate the value of a closely held business.

Business valuation is an essential process for:
• Purchasing or selling a business
• Estate and gift planning
• Marital dissolution
• Shareholder disputes
• Business planning

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